How to Attract Children Attention with Handmade Toys.

Playing is vital for children. It is one activity that they practise how to grow up. Toys are the best tools that kids use when playing. Toys can either be purchased or homemade. DIY toys are the best for kids especially when you make them together.


As you make the toys, it is important to know that your toys must cover all the toys categories: .physical toys for muscle development, toys for intellectual and creativity development, toys for social development and toys for sensory.


Different toys suit different kids. However, some toys suit kids better when it comes to getting their attention.



Blocks are primary toys for kids and they never seem to get bored with them. It is a simple toy, yet their possibilities are limited making them fun. They are good not only in keeping them busy but in learning and experimenting.



The toy is are easy and consume less time in making. You could just cut, sew and stuff soft material to make a doll. This will provide endless hours of companion and entertainment to your kids.


Music instruments

Children love music. They like to listen to what they make. You could make a simple drum set, a kazoo or a guitar for your kids. As they grow, they could make a band.



There is something fascinating about a waggon machine, even to adults. Find some materials in your house and put some wheels. They could use the waggon to carry other playing items and keep them busy for years.



Balls make good toys, especially under physical activity. There are a lot of games to play with a ball. A clean sock could be used to make a light and durable ball. At times invite other kids to have them play the ball together.


Dress up clothes

Kids imitate their parents. They find dressing up fascinating, and by giving them a chance to do it to their toys, they learn how to dress up themselves. Find old clothes, cut some material and sew it according to the size and shape of the dolls.


Your kid’s favourite games could also be time for interacting with parents. This is a sign of love and affection to the children. You also get to learn about their abilities and hobbies at an early age which is important if they are to make a career out of it.