20 Ideas for Homemade Christmas Gift cards.

Christmas is around the corner and will be here before you know it. How about giving yourself a head start with this handmade Christmas Gift card ideas. Gift cards have become more personal than ever. Before you send the card to your loved ones or friends consider the following packaging tips


Graphic Christmas tree card

It is a cute, three-dimensional card. It is featured with a chevron, trellis and polka dots pattern. There is a mix if colours to make a Christmas theme. The cards come with a template, so the features are easy to join.


Santa holiday card

Best for kid’s craft. There is a free template with an instruction that makes the crafting a breeze.

Holiday card with colourful felt pennants

It is one adorable handmade card with a vintage look from the layer of patented paper. It’s easy to create.

Glittered photo card

Also available in a free and printable template. Best to put a family photo which is surrounded by a glittering frame.


Falling snow Christmas card

Snows make Christmas fun. The card is a warm climate holiday cheer up friends and family.

Yarn embellished ornament card

Best for kids. It let distant relatives know that they are in their thought during the festive season.

Modern ornament holiday card

It is complex but very impressive. With the template, it should not take long to make.


3-D Christmas tree card

It’s made from layers of paper giving a three-dimensional of a Christmas tree.

Vintage sheet music Christmas card

It’s better than store bought cards. Shows affection to friends and family.

Fun felt cards

They come in a snap, bright colours and soft texture. They are easy to make, and one is free to make a Christmas theme of choice. One also gets to attach Christmas greeting at the end.

Bird and a branch card 

It’s made from pinecone giving it a sophisticated natural touch to everyone the card is addressed.


Recycled gift cards

They are easy to create and environmentally friendly project.

Pop-up Christmas Card

They are best to delight friend and family. The popping message is tucked inside the cut and shows when they open.


Natural cards

Gather some natural material from the garden and create and organic holiday greeting.

Photo wreath ornament card

Surprise your loved ones with a glittering wreath photo card. Include recent family photos.

Other ideas include a potato stamp snowman card, embossed beauties cards, printed photo cards, paint chip Christmas card and kid-friendly Santa cards.