10 Christmas Decorations You Can Easily Make from Recycled Materials

Handcrafted Christmas decorations add to the warmth of the holiday. Here are some ideas for repurposing some household items to use as Christmas decorations. This way you will reduce the price for waste removal you will pay when you organize a house clearance.

  1. Cheerios on a thread. I’m including this because I made it when I was young out of stale cereal. The trick is to use a needle and puncture the top of some of the cheerios.  The ones you puncture will stay put and you won’t have to use as many cheerios to fill the thread. Alternatively, if you use yarn, the cheerios may not slide around as much so you could possibly get away using a more spread distribution of O’s on yarn.
  2. Origami birds or angels. Remember that this is recycled material so select your paper carefully for color.  One or two will suffice. Use paper to make decorations instead of sending it for rubbish disposal.
  3. Press brass thumb tacks into a Styrofoam ball for a shiny ornament.
  4. Small Christmas cards as ornaments. You kept them because they were lovely and had sentimental value.  Why not bring them out every year and feature them on your tree?
  5. Toys as ornaments. Little red toys like fire engines can make adorable ornaments. Ladder trucks are particularly nice.
  6. Food as ornaments. Ornate cookies and treats don’t have to be thrown out if the cat sniffed at them. You can always tie a ribbon to a butter cookie and it makes a cute ornament. Don’t worry about food waste disposal as you will have no leftovers to dispose of.
  7. Paint stuff gold. Get some metallic paint and start digging through your junk. Anything with an interesting shape can be painted and made ornamental or decorative. Paint a basket or metal bucket gold and fill it with pine cones. Or, just spray paint the pine cones gold. I vary the color. I used gold and bronze for my pine cones. Waste clearance and recycling can be a fun activity.
  8. Key chains as ornaments. On vacation, we’ve picked up some unique key chains. With a couple alterations, like snipping off the chain and replacing it with ribbon, they can be unique ornaments for your tree.
  9. Burnt out round light bulbs as ornaments. You can do this in multiple ways, but the key is hiding the end of the bulb with ribbon. Painting the bulbs with glitter paint is one option. Another option is glue and fabric.
  10. Use leftover ribbon to make a boring throw pillow look gift wrapped. Secure the ribbon with just a few small stitches of thread that you can remove after New Year’s Day. It’ll brighten your room and coordinate your tree with your furnishings. Waste removal has just become much easier.